Not much to say here really.

I’ve always enjoyed drawing and painting but it wasn’t until I got to high school that I experimented with story telling through comics.

I drew a couple of editorial comics for the school paper and drew a comic about a rabbit that would sneak around school killing the students.  It was fun to draw my friends… and then draw my friends get killed by a rabbit.

No sooner than I started learning HTML (around ’95), that I drew my first web comic. It was called Boxhead and I’ve actually still got that somewhere and will put a link to it here someday.

But it wasn’t until 2007 when I discovered a community of online webcomic artists that I decided to start drawing regularly.  I put myself on a two-a-week schedule for several months which really helped me develop my style.  It was tough though, as I didn’t have many readers (and still don’t) and I was spending several hours a week drawing.

I learned quickly that drawing the comic is the easy part.  My writing was just terrible–which was evident in that I found myself explaining the comics to everybody.  But I kept drawing and began researching what it is that makes comics funny.  I regularly read Dilbert, F-minus,,, Rhymes with Orange and a few others and listen to Tall Tale Radio podcasts to study other people’s methods.

There were several months that I would force myself not to draw comics so that I could work on other projects, but eventually I would get back to it and start drawing again.

Now I draw about one comic a week and use the site to post my other art projects.