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Unfortunately I didn’t draw a single sketch for this year’s twitter (#inktober), I was just too busy; but I did check often at what others were posting.  I was especially interested in what was being done with white gel pens.  So I decided to get a couple at the art store to see how they felt.

I guess I thought the “ink” would flow like a normal pen, but it really didn’t.  It came out more like those old Wite-Out pens of yesteryear (do they still make wite-out? Does anybody ever say yesteryear?). Anyway, I’m going to work with them for a while, I do like the contrast it brings.  Expect more ink sketches on cardboard in the days to come 🙂

[Update 11/6 — Drew some more at lunch today.  Still not quite feeling it with these pens. I may try some different ones]



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