The Schrodinger’s Cat experiment is quite popular among physics students and has found its place with geeks. Though I think most people who’ve heard of it don’t really understand what it was about–nor do they know Schrodinger didn’t actually perform the experiment.

This came to me while at work one day as I was listening to a podcast discussing the experiment. Fin seemed the best character to try to hit-on a girl at a museum by discussing something he knows very little about. To drive the gag home I put the date and little spider webs on the box to suggest that even if Schrodinger had put the cat in the box, whether the trap killed it or starving or suffocating or even old age it must surely be dead. Hence him stating the obvious.

I don’t expect many to get this, and perhaps those that remember the story about the experiment might not find it funny–but I giggled as I drew it; so here it is.